Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best of the best-Puma kit competition

Here the best from the last 5 stage best 2 kits for you to vote. And the winners will get my Adidas new 2009/10, Puma new 2009/10 kits and few other label template. You have a weeks to vote. The winner these stage through the final stage with week 6 and 7 winners. The kit also will gain 4 to 1 point bonus from me, that I choose from the detailed, creativity and concept. Just to make it's fair.

1. Eduardo-Universitas Catolica

2. Francisco Davi-Manchester United fantasy

3. Stephen MacVean-Spurs

4. Joe& Jane White- Manchester City

5. Brian Castro-Boca Juniors fantasy

6. Juan Pablo Villablanca-Italy Conmemorative

7. Adelson Scmidt-SC Intermacional


Diego said...

excellent all kits!!

I need the base template please!! mi mail is !! thanks!!

Musama91 said...

Im doing a project on football shirts in school but am not very good at drawing the shirt, shorts and socks themselves. Therefore please could you kindly send me the outline of your templates so I can create designs on them. I would highly appreciate it and would definitely include you in my bibliography.

Thank You

musama91 (please email me at or contact me at 07902146940 - UK mobile)