Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basic Tutorial Part 1

I received many request at my mail, chatbox me share few tutorial for the kits I done. So today I post with a few basic things. For started I'm suggest at least have a basic Adobe Illustrator formats. Photoshop user also can used these method concept. I'm used Illustrator 9, really old formats but for me its the best, now in markets Illustrator CS, no problem same idea.
Just started and no idea about Illustrator, better learn now from books or sites.

Firstly references. Today I post the Puma last season kits templated. Before started any kits I'm always sources any kits photo, then I scetch in paper after that copy draw the kits.

1. From the scetch you can make the basic kits templates. I'm always started with draw the basic outline first. After I'm satisfied with the kits outline, I'm make with the new layer add with base colour. Remember always arranged the outline over the base colour. Really good with the basic kits templated then can add with detailed to looked good.
Sorry for these bad english tutorial.


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Is there a guideline you use for fonts of the various brands?

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