Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aalborg BK new 2008-09 EURO kits.

Aalborg BK are the current Danish Superliga Champions. Currently AaB under manager Magnus Pehrsson is a former national Swedish football player who will become manager of Danish Superliga team AaB on 1 January 2009. Energi Nord Arena at Aalborg with capacity 13,000 in league Match are the clubs home grounds.

Aalborg BK special EURO 2008-09 shirts in navy blue and dark brown on the main part of the AaB shirts. With the left sleeves are dark blue. Printed Hummel logo appears in the centre of the shirt and the AaB club badge is embroidered on the front of the left chest of shirt. AaB sponsor, Spar Nord word in the middle of the shirt. AaB shirts will be worn with same colour shorts. The navy blue Aab socks is completed with the Hummel logo and Aab creast. These AaB EURO kits version were worn during the UEFA Champions League 2008-09 and UEFA Cup match.
Click here for completed Aalborg BK home shirts.


Boris Reynoso said...

Please Brazilian League Please and Thanxs

Anonymous said...

Efrain rocks!!!