Sunday, December 21, 2008

Request team kits services for US25.

Every weeks I have request for friends favourite team kits, sometimes I got to explained why I cannot take that request. Firstly because the time I must spend and a lots of researched.. Now i open that request for services charge US25 for home and away team kits for whom really love my works. What you get from me from that services is
1. Kits master templated in a.i formats and big png formats.
2. Foto sources
and of course the team kits will be published to my blog.
Please mailed me for the request and payment can make through the donation link.

Switchimageproject also need a supported with any donation, sponsored or advertising from you to keep me maintained these project. The other offer for friends who donated me will get the special updated and latest all UEFA Champions League team kits artwork from my collection, start from Panathinaikos FC.

Friends who donated

Joaquin Gaspar Us25

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jo said...

can you translate this text in french, my english is bad
(maybe you have french speaking friend in malaysia)