Thursday, December 18, 2008

Need a sponsor for my project.

Back with the new spirited, Here my kit list got to finish,
1. UEFA champions league 2008-09 team kits (less then 10 team more to go)
2. Copa Sundamerica 2008-09 (Not started yet)
3. FIFA World Club team 2008
4. UEFA Cup 2008-09 team
Hope I can have some sponsor or donation from any publisher, foundation or fan to take me go further, with more my collection to share in these site or events.

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oxky said...

hi azmie, i'm oxky, My real name is Oscar, i'm from Spain. I comment you. I usually play a game, which in Spain we call it 'chapas'. In english i think it calls 'caps'. Well, i create teams for this game, and i was looking for football kits in internet and i found your page. I would announce your page in my forum.

see ya