Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nautico shirt/kits Brazilian Serie A

Nautico fan, anyone, not so easy to get source for this football team kits. I'm not so sure which kit are away and 3rd kits. Sorry, Nautico home shirt still on progress. Anyway thanx to all my friends Felipe, Vinicius, Renan and lots of name there from Brazil who contribute source for Nautico football team kits.

Not so much info I have for this Brazilian soccer club Nautico (Clube Náutico Capibaribe) from Recife the second largest city in the Northeastern region of Brazil, and the capital of Pernambuco. Was founded in 1st, April, 1901 and their great success, Náutico is the only football club in Pernambuco that has won the state championship (Campeonato Pernambucano) 6 times in a row from 1963 to 1968 with a team that featured stars the 60s like centre-forward Bita and midfielder Ivan Brondi.
Náutico's stadium is Estádio Eládio de Barros Carvalho also known as Estádio dos Aflitos(1939) at Recife, with a maximum capacity of 30,000 people. Because the stadium located in Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos neighborhood, the fan give it nicknamed Aflitos. In 2007 season Nautico returned to Brazilian Serie-A from Serie-B (3rd places).
And what I learned Nautico club mascot they called "Timbu" and its mouse, If i'm wrong please comment.
For more info visited Nautico official site.
Next Atletico Paranaense...anyone can share info with me.


eron, said...

The other kit is the uniform number 1!

The withe is the #2
Red #3

this picture is the unifomr #1

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Renan said...

Thanks for the citation Azmie(if i can call you this way, can i?)

About your page, I make eron's words mine.Add me on msn and we could talk about world football and i can give all the info that you need about the smaller clubs here in brasil.

Did you know that here, besides we got the best football we have the Worst team in the world?that could make a good story.Anyway..Any info you can ask us.


Renan said...

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Vinícius said...

Shirts from Atletico Paranaense... they are easy to find: or in

they don´t change the shirts this year.

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Azmie aka switch image said...

Thanx for you all,all of you great

Adejardo said...

About the text on Nautico; The team is based in Recife, which is the fourth largest populated metropolitan area in Brazil (3,5 millions). Nautico is at this moment, in 22nd place in the CBF (Confederacao Brasileira de Futebol) ranking. It was vice-champion of Copa Brasil in 1967, and disputed the Copa Libertadores da America in 1968. It was north-northeast regions championship for three times, during the sixties. Some majors players, among the cited Bita and Ivan, that defended Nautico, and some of them defended the National Team; Salomao, Marinho (one of the best players of 1974 world cup), Jorge Mendonca, Lula, Nado, Rinaldo, Acosta.

Anonymous said...

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