Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kuala Lumpur 2006/07 TM League

My home town team kit, Kuala Lumpur FA. Still my number one team although they are in Premier League (just under the Super League). This picture I got from my buddy Hakim Amir a few months ago, but just found the photo back this morning. I think he's one of the the few people in the 22 milions Malaysia population who have this kit..........Could be true...Kuala Lumpur FA shirt made by Line 7, French brand but manufactured locally in Malaysia. Other teams using this brand are Sabah FA & also Kedah FA (the Treble Champion this season).

My team kits still under progress.........
Any Palmeiras 3rd kit photo, lemon yellow there?


wan said...

thot the only one who supported KL is me,hehe..thank god there's others as well..hopeully this yr they'll got promoted.

Anonymous said...

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