Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kits Italy away 1950

Italy all-white kits ( with blue band across the chest) also was worn in 1950, however make no appearance for the World Cup. Italian-game Representative Lyons. The black band on his arm was a sign of mourning to remember the tragedy of Superga Grande Torino. Superga air disaster in May 1949 in which almost the entire Torino football team, the backbone of the national side, was killed.

Italy home shirt basic V-neck design, additional all-white kits basic turtle-neck with blue band across the chest.

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joaquim said...

Hi Azmie,great job as usual.
The national Italian colors flag inverted on the home shirt badge used during world cup 1950 are a peculiarity which I don’t know the cause. But on the away shirt and other shirts of the same year the badge with Italian national colors find their true place, green to the left, white in the middle and red on the right.