Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oman new Taj kits 2012

The Oman Football Association (OFA) has launched the new official team kit from local brand Taj ( together with a new OFA logo) to be worn by Oman in their forthcoming push for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil qualification. Currently ranked 86th in the world by FIFA, the Oman national football team or the nickname The Red Warrior also still have a chance at qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The new kit, designed for the Oman national team by Taj, a new Omani-based company, has been created using a unique performance fabric which will give maximum aid to the players on the field especially during the hot season experienced in Oman. The kit has been designed to showcase the colours of the Omani flag and all the profits generated from its sales will be injected into the OFA’s grassroots football programme in Oman.

When the Oman Football Association decided to update the national team jersey, the process began with the development of goals for the new kit, which focused on:

• Creating a look that isboth sharp and iconic
• Representing the Sultanate and its love of football proudly through the design
• Utilizing material technology that provides Oman teams on the pitch with a strategic advantage, especially given the generally warm local climate
• Assuring that revenue from both the making and the sales of the jersey benefits Oman

The OFA team quickly realized their goals were extremely Oman-centric, and that to create a new shirt that achieves them, designers who really understand
Oman were required. This is why the OFA created a new brand, Taj, operated by local professionals.

Meanwhile the new OFA logo has been designed as a fresh representation of the Association’s core values of passion for football, fair play, social responsibility and ambassador of Oman. The logo will be at the forefront of the OFA’s new marketing campaign – Everybody Loves Football - aimed at getting more people playing and watching football across the Sultanate.

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