Saturday, December 1, 2012

Important Message

1. As usual everyday I've got to many requested for the vector graphics which are mainly the name and numbering styling for football kits from my collection. Sorry to said, Pleased to inform you that these fonts collections are from the personal collection of SwitchImageProject.Com and most of
the listed are not for free sharing. But if you really interested with my project collection worked, better donate and kindly indicate your choice. Please keep note that all my file in a.i and eps formats only.

2. I'm also like to announce that the Puma free template or other title no longer valid. As a replaced I'm setup new Completed Sets latest BASIC FOOTBALL KITS VECTOR PACK, pleased to inform you that vector files are in .ai and eps. format. Pleased keep note that the "T-shirts switchimageproject worldwide followers" project finally CANCEL, that's included the FREE gift template...But these BASIC FOOTBALL KITS VECTOR PACK collection you still can have it with your donation USD15.00.

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