Friday, August 17, 2012

Morocco World Cup 86 team kits

Actually these Moroccon 1986 national team kits has been posted here before, but recently I'm re-doit all the kits again as the requested from my friend Tarik to custom made these repro kits.

 Morocco topped group F became the the first African team to win a group at the World Cup, which they did in 1986. They were also the first African team to make it to second round.
They holding both Poland and England goalless draw, and then pulling off a shock 3-1 win over Portugal. In Second round West Germany beat them 1-0 after Morocco held out until the 87th minute.

Morocco squads :
1 GK Ezzaki Badou Zaki,2 DF Labid Khalifa, 3 DF Abdelmajid Lamriss, 4 DF Mustafa El-Biyaz, 5 DF Norredine Bouyahyaoui, 6 MD Abdelmajid Dolmy, 7 MD Mustafa El-Haddaoui, 8 MD Aziz Bouderbala, 9 FW Abdelkarim Krimau, 10 MD Mohammed Timoumi, 11 FW Mustafa Merry, 12 GK Salahdine Hmied, 13 FW Abdelfettah Rhiati, 14 DF Lahcen Ouadani, 15 MD Mouncif El-Haddaoui, 16 FW Azzedine Amanallah, 17 FW Abderrazak Khairi, 18 MD Mohammed Sahil, 19 MD Fadel Jilal, 20 DF Abdellah Bidane, 21 MD Abdelaziz Souleimani, 22 GK Abdelfettah Mouddani, Coach: Jose Faria (BRA)


Anonymous said...

I love your job. Regards.

Anonymous said...

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Jaime Linares Rosales said...

Hola, vas a intercambiar links?

Delan Gorgon said...

AKu rasa la mie, tulisan arab kat logo to bertulis Al-Maghribi. Jadi kat belakang tu huruf "BA".

Azmie aka switch image said...

@Delan Gorgon, betul tu, tapi teman ikut sikit lenggok referencees yang ada, pasal dari sources teman morocco ,badge ni supposed badge tuk game olympic, antara yang tersukar buat collector...yang kelakar dema sendiri tak dapat pastikan samada error masa sulam atau rekaan design tu sendiri.

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