Friday, August 10, 2012

Georgia HOME 2011-12 team kits

Another requested team kits from Alex, the time spending worked. The Georgia national football team is the national association football team's first match took place in 1990, while Georgia was still part of the Soviet Union. The team have attempted to qualify for each major tournament from Euro 96 onwards, but have not yet achieved qualification. Georgia Home games are played at the Boris Paichadze Stadium in Tbilisi. The Boris Paichadze National Stadium also known as the Dinamo Stadium, is a football stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is the home stadium of FC Dinamo Tbilisi.

Next posted will be the Georgia away kits. Both Home and Away with the same design kits, Jako Santos model design.

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Hakim Amir said...

susah nak dapat nih kit team Georgia...tahun lepas saya berkesempatan ke sana pun tak jumpa kit ni ....