Monday, April 2, 2012

Napoli 1985-86 team kits

1985-86 was the second season for Diego Maradona in Naples. S.S.C. Napoli had its best league season in five years, finishing third in the 85-86 league season. Ottavio Bianchi team was now one of the best teams in Italy and Europe. Diego Maradona the club top scorer with eleven goals and several assists.

It 's the first season of the sponsor "Buitoni" to feature their logo on the jersey. On the home shirts, the sponsor logo is painted in white accross the chest. "Buitoni" founded in 1897 by Guilia Buitoni, is a Italian food company based in Sansepolcro. The shirt comes in their typical Napoli blue produced in acrylic fabrics by Italian brand 'ennerre' became the new Napoli kits label. Unique 'nr' embroidered logo was sewn on the left chest and Napoli emblem is printed over the right chest. These classic white wing collar home shirt worn with the white shorts and Napoli blue socks combination.
The Napoli away shirt is white, replicate the design as the home shirts. The sponsor logo 'Buitoni' is painted in red accross the chest. These wing collar shirts was worn with the Napoli blue short and white socks.

The Napoli back numbers are made of solid material and sewn in a zig-zag into the shirts.These style numbers also been used most of the Italian Serie A team in 80s.

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