Tuesday, April 24, 2012

France WC 78 third kits

As I promised France World Cup 3rd kits, actually those green and white shirts belonged to Kimberley FC, a very small team which plays the Mar del Plata City regional league. The bizarre or scandalous situation (a national team playing a World Cup match with borrowed shirts) had to do with colour clash and TV demands, but it would have been enough if only one of the teams changed to their second white kit.

Click the link here to see the detailed :  France WC 78 Third kits.


Hakim Amir said...

Mie, pekabar? Saja nak leave msg kat sini to say hi ... Lama x chat. Semoga kesihatan di tahap yg bagus ....


Basile Balise said...

Actually it would have been good enough if neither team would changed to their second kit. Hungary playoing in red and France in blue. It wouldn't been a problem, except for the fuss FIFA makes about these things in a totally illogical way