Saturday, November 26, 2011

Milan 60s and 70s keeper kits

Actually not on my plan to worked on these classic AC Milan keeper kits. Suddenly I fall in love, looked really cool totally black than with the red collar and cuff to add the detailed.

I'm not good at all on Milan kits and the story bla,bla,bla. But my researched tell that Milan have these design colour combination on their keeper kits since early 50s....Would be nice to draw it all, WEIRD. Back on track these kits maybe was worn on Serie A season 1969/70 (if not mistake). I founded these image on e-bay. From my searched kit as worn by Fabio Cudicini, keeper who plays for AC Milan until the 1972 total of 183 appearances and winning almost everything:
1 National Championship
1 European Cup
1 Cup Winners' Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
1 cup Italy

Cudicini used to wear black tights against the cold, which, added to his body lean and sleek in Europe earned him the reputation of the Black Spider. I think these shirts really was worn during winter...hahaha.


joaquim said...

hi azmie,very good job on the goalkeeper's shirt. but the greatest goalie of all time and was also known as "black spider" was a Soviet-Russian football goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

WaywardEffort said...

Nice post, that is a very classy kit!