Wednesday, August 10, 2011

San Lorenzo 2010-11 kits

Last week I've got special request with total of 7 team kits and font (actually every week I have these requested). Now it's time to worked on.

The first requested Club Athletico San Lorenzo, I'm worked on these team kits because my buddy sharing with Argentina team club font source to me updated.

And for credit I'm looked forward with the San Lorenzo team kits. At the moment I'm finished all ready the team shirts basic template, but I'm still needed the sources for :
1- The graphic label inside the neck collar
2. Short & sock photo
And game photo San Lorenzo Home, Away and third 2010-11 and 2011-12, what I know they still with these design. You can posted to me png or eps (vector) file.

As always you will get a basic template & font for sharing.


Andres said...

Azmi, there is nothing special about that detail.

Here is the closest I could fin

Here is a "better" detail on a pattern

Andres said...


Here is a detail on the shorts

Home blue

Away White

candido said...

Hola quien me puede pasar las fuentes de los numeros y letras !!!!!!!!

candido said...

Hey buddy,can you send the font set to :

PATO said...

please send the numbers to