Saturday, August 13, 2011

San Lorenzo 2010-11 completed kits

Today we completed the San Lorenzo 2010-11.....Next few days I'm will posted the club 2011-12 season.

San Lorenzo kits are manufactured by Lotto. For the 2010/2011 season, the club will have 3 kits, the traditional home colour, the first alternative (white) and the second alternative (black).
The away will be white, using the same style. It keeps the blue neck, side and down the sleeves. With the front watermarks stripes, on the left is a vertical band split four times in blue and red and above it a shield in its simplified version.

The third kits in black with the same version design as the away shirt. These San Lorenzo with new technology NANO TECH DRY, as it controls body temperature, absorbing heat from the body and dries quickly, allowing more comfort for the player.

Here the link for San Lorenzo home kits.


sajidch said...

Always enjoyed your work, guys. Best of luck, will be following you in the future


CASLA said...

good job. You are the best bro.

Cu3rvo said...


Matias said...

San Lorenzo, the most big from Argentina !!!

Anonymous said...

Good job

Anonymous said...

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