Saturday, July 9, 2011

Puma powercats template

My vector template for all my Puma team kits. I've started with Stade Rennais third later Chile away. The hologram tag label detailed, done by Joaquim Gaspar.
Above, few detiled image on collar.


Juan Carlos said...

Can you e-mail me this?
I'm from Chile and trying to do a away kit
thank you very much
Keep the good work :)

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Glen said...

could you share for this?


lopong said...

can i get this template?

Halvin Zulmi said...

great, can you sent this template to me, my email:

Thank you

Samuel said...

Wonderful! Could you send this to my email? I am going to use this template to make a home kit for our own football team. Many thanks!

Erwin said...

Can U email me this?

Anonymous said...


Can ou send this template at


Anonymous said...

what a good template
could you share this to my email ?


yosawat limchumsang said...

i from thailand i want .ai

please, can you send email me ?

thank u very very very very much

Agus suhendro said...

can i get this template?
thank u very much