Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup 2010, South Africa patch

South Africa was selected as host the 2010 FIFA World Cup is the 19th FIFA World Cup, in 15 May 2004, beating Morocco and Egypt in a bidding process open only to African nations. Africa was chosen as the host for the 2010 World Cup as part of a short-lived policy, to rotate the event among football confederations.

Five African nations placed bids to host the 2010 World Cup: Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and a joint bid from Libya and Tunisia. The finals tournament sees 736 players representing 32 teams compete for the World Cup trophy in games held in ten stadiums across South Africa.

Here the 2010 FIFA World Cup graphic ilustrations emblem/logo that patch on the right sleeve during the final and qualifiers tournaments. The official logo identity is unique, vibrant and dynamic, graphically encapsulating the African continent while more intimately dipping into South Africa's rich and colourful heritage for inspiration. The graphic figure strikes a resemblance to the earliest rock art paintings for which south Africa famous. This figure is caught in mid-action performing a bicycle kick - a style of play that captures the flair of African football. The figure is lucid, energetic and indirectly illustrates an inherent passion for the beautiful game. It is kicking a football upwards - an invitation from Africa to other nations of the world to join the game and the actual ball is a modern representation of a football, suggesting that it belongs to FIFA. And for the first time ever, this ball that has traveled across the globe will touch African soil. The colourful backdrop behind the figure represents the South African national flag. The ‘swishes' extend upwards, from south to north, reaching out to the world. They embody the energy, diversity and fiery passion of our country, and they symbolise the rise of the rainbow nation. Feature typeface is an original creation that reflects personality and reinforces the idea that in South Africa we do things uniquely. It is playful, na├»ve and free-spirited. It is also bold, welcoming and friendly.

Sources : FIFA World

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