Monday, June 15, 2009

Japan football team kits 2008/09

Japan national 2008/09 team kits created by adidas have a rising sun effect using thin yellow stripes rising from the centre of the bottom of the shirt widening out as they get higher on the kit. The three stipes over the shoulders are in white and adidas have their logo in the centre of the shirt beneath the collar, the Japanese association badge is on the shirt’s left chest with “JAPAN” spelt out below it.

Japan football team away kit is in white and features similar lines rising from the bottom of the shirt up it. The adidas logo is just beneath the collar in the centre of the kit, with the Japanese badge on the left chest just as on the home shirt. The adidas three stripes over the shoulder are in blue and there is red on the collar and at the end of the sleeves.


Anonymous said...

Japan National Team Kits are brilliant and fantastic! Thanks Adidas!

Anonymous said...

its really one of the best ive seen
nice work!