Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Font Vegalta Sendai 2018 Kits

Graphic Japanese J1 League club, Vegalta Sendai 2018 season custom font style. The team is located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Their home stadium is Yurtec Stadium Sendai, in Izumi-ku, Sendai, although a few home games have also been played at nearby Miyagi Stadium.

Adidas still the Vegalta Sendai kits supplier, 2018 season's new home & away (1st & 2nd) and keeper uniform. The Home shirts adopts a V-neck with a striped pattern using two different colors of brightness.
Away is in white tone and color is black, cool neck.Three types of keeper were announced, orange, light blue, black.


Memé said...

I like this font so I am going to digitize this based on your image. Thank you, Azmie

Azmie aka switch image said...

Meme please contact me

Memé said...

Hi Azmie,

The font that I created based on the image on this page is now online at The font in TTF and OTF is available for free download.

Thank you, Azmie, for posting this nice font