Friday, April 20, 2018

W.O.P Rosario Central 1986/87 Kits Part 1

Currently I'm already worked on the Argentina club Rosario Central classic years kits as they champions during the years 1986-87. I'm not familiar with these team kits, but from my researches there are 3 home kits have been used during that season and 1 away kits.(Maybe you all can helped me with much accurate sources). 
Rosario Central kits supply by Topper and main sponsor "Zanella'' is an Argentine motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1948, originally using 100 and 125 cc engines designed by Fabio Taglioni and licensed from Ceccato motorcycles of Italy.
Next I'm will posted the club home kits and if any readers here have any sources and references regarding these club 1986-87 kits please mailed me.

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