Friday, February 3, 2017

Atletico Madrid New Crest 2017-18

One of my favourite club,Atletico Madrid already have a new logo will be used with the 2017-18 season. The Colchoneros also move to their new 'Wanda Metroplitano' stadium, Atletico Madrid.
Design by Spainish, Barcelona base agency Vasava, the new Atletico crest introduces a subtly simplified design that also sees the respective blue and red hues slightly darkened, and the upper horizontal edge changed into an arch. Totally can be seen on the upper left of the new Atletico Madrid logo, where the 'Bear and the Strawberry Tree', green and brown colour, taken from the Madrid coat of arms, was further integrated into the rest of the design and also mirrored and enlarged.

Sadly, the new Atletico logo has received a lot of heat from the club's fans, including live protests mobilized on social media and a complete meltdown and loss of perspective that establishes this logo to radical.

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