Monday, December 28, 2015

Perlis classic

The Perlis Football Association (PFA) only has white cloths to cover as a wall and only a small amount of fee being charge for entrance. Therefore, many spectators climb the trees in the field to watch the game for free. In 1968, Perlis with the great players has beaten Singapore in the final game of "Piala Emas Raja-Raja". The great players were Tok Chod, Jalaludin, Osman, Ali Osman, Megat, Idris Nor and others. They have brought Perlis into a golden era. This great team of players were multiracial team with the mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian became the backbone of this team not only in action for "Piala Emas Raja-Raja" but also in Malaysia Cup. For more story check Kelab Jersi Kita

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