Friday, October 23, 2015

France KOPA 1969 kits

A simple France wrap-over neck and sleeves cuff featured on these dark blue strip. KOPA label has been wore some time not only short but also the jerseys of France national team in 1969. The KOPA as seen wore on 1st November 1969 against SWEDEN at the old stadium Parc des Princes ( marks to be the last game ). 17,916 spectators are identified in this stadium cut in half because the stadium works. France won 3-0, the results for the France team in the old stadium since 1905 is as follows: 55 matches, 27 wins, 10 draws, 18 losses. Additional that the France crest wore in this game is still the old model (usually apply on from the early 1965 kits). the rooster is alone without the name and date of the game.

KOPA was a trademark managed by the famous french player Raymond Kopa. After finished his football career, Raymond Kopa worked at the french federation between the 4th of january 1969 through the 5th of july 1969. 

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