Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Corinthians 1982 Home kits Part 2

I'm continue from yesterday posted, Corinthians Paulista home kits with another 3 versions. The first image with the "Corinthian Democracy" printed on the back, image by the Washington Olivetto advertising inspired by the new club management model put employees, managers and players on the same level in terms of votes. All participated in the decisions and everyone had a voice within the Corinthians. Socrates was the same voice that the wardrobe, Wladimir the same voting power as the massage therapist and so on. Everything was democratic, plain and simple.

Another version, In 1982, before the election of government of São Paulo State, the team wore a kit with the words: DIA 15 VOTE (Vote on 15th), trying to motivate the biggest number of fans to vote. Under the leadership of Sócrates, these player only wore the shirt with the text his name under the team emblem.

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