Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Font Fenerbahce 2015/16 kits

Today I have two important message, first, since last Saturday my Yahoo mail down. I cannot read any message, now I'm relieved start today everything normal again for me reply all message.
Another note, my health bit a low again and all my worked getting slow progress as usual.

2015-16 season Turkey club giants Fenerbahce updated their player names and numbers font. The new team typeface comes in two style design.


The Vito said...

Please send it to me .ai format. Thanks

Anonymous said...

can u send me too thnx.

Victor Lobo said...


Anonymous said...

please send me this font

Abdurrahman Bayaslan said...

Rica etsem bana "PSD" formatında yollar mısınız ?
veya fontu atarmısınız ?
Me kindly "PSD" can you send the format ?
or the font, would you ?

Tugrul Celik said...

can u send me too thnx.

kind regards

Allegro Music Production said...

can u send me too please