Friday, April 3, 2015

France 1965/69 team kits V-Neck

France with the classic simple v-neck shirts as the alternate short sleeve shirts replacing the round neck shirts during 1965 through 1969 season.. The shirt, with its matching v-neck and cuff, was still in the favoured blue and white combination. Same template as the previous posted (France vs Bayern 1968), but I'm updated with the team rooster emblem. France kits was worn against Yugoslavia, match October 9, 1965.

Next image as the reference France rooster crest that was worn during that period. Few France team match with these kits:
15/09/1965 vs Norway at Oslo
10/09/1965 vs Yugoslavia World Cup 1966 Qualifiers
20/04/1966 vs Belgium at Paris
17/09/1967 vs Poland
24/04/1968 vs Yugoslavia at Belgrade
04/06/1968 vs Yugoslavia Qualifying European championship
25/09/1968 vs Germany at Marseille (Friendly Match)

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