Friday, July 25, 2014

Font AS Roma 2014/15 kits

The new AS Roma 2014-15 kit is made by Nike and comes in a classical design, included the font. Inside the back of the neck shirt is a textured pennant tab with the statement: “La Roma Non Si Discute Si Ama,” (‘Roma is loved without question’), the famous motto that has always defined the Roma fans’ sense of  belonging to their team.


The Fly said...

Hi there! Lovely font :)

Do you happen to know how to make a file with this font for Fifa 14 game? I'm using Creation Master to edit the kits but I don't have this type of font.

Thanks! Best regards.

filippo de vita said...

hi and thanks for your great work

would it please be possible to have the asroma 2014-25 font?

thanks again,

Anonymous said...

please send me the font file

nebus said...

hello excellent work, could I share the template of AS Roma please.