Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm back today

After 10 days, I'm back to write again. Unfortunately for these two month, the posted not to many as the usual.
I'm also really sorry do not reply ASAP any mailed lately. It's been awesome also to a friend who offer a worked collaboration and project. Definately, I'm going to answer your mailed later.

Image above the classic football shorts evolution from the early 20s through 60s. that I'm worked on the book project.


Manu said...

where can i find some of your fonts on ttf or otf or even vector format?

Alvaro Salguero said...

Will you be making the crests that appear on the jerseys of all 32 world cup teams? I really want to have all of them please! :)

Reza Chandra said...

Hi Azmie, please draw not only player shirt but also refree shirt to bro

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