Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Champions League trophy patch collection

I've got requested for worked on these UEFA Champions League trophy patch collection logo, but I'm still missing the references for the Trophy patch with the number 2, 3 and 6 if exist. For the Photoshop expert i'm really glad if you can helped me Updated these patch for me.


Oxky said...

Hi, Azmie. Badges for 2 or 3 don't exist.It's only for teams which have 4 o more Champions League. Like Milan, Ajax , Bayern or Real Madrid.

See ya.

Unknown said...

The "UEFA badge of honour" patch is for UCL 5 Time winners at least or 3 Times in a row.
That's why There's 4 patch on Ajax's jersey (winner 71 72 73 + 95) and not on Barcelona's (winner 92 06 09 and 11).
United and his 3 wins not in a row (68 99 08) can't wear it before 2 others wins, If barcelona win this season next year Will be a 5 patch in the jersey.
Liverpool has got 5 patch, Bayern too (last year 4 patch because of his 74 75 76 + 01 and now 13 wins)
Ac milan 7
Réal Madrid 9

Anonymous said...

é isso mesmo, Bayern antes tinha 4 por ter conseguido 3 consecutivos, qualquer equipe que ganhar 3 títulos consecutivos ou vencer 5 vezes sem precisar ser consecutivas, o clube ganhará o troféu definitivo da competição e não receberá apenas uma réplica, o Liverpool FC 2005 foi o último a receber o troféu definitivo, se vocês poderem perceber e compará o troféu de 2005 com o atual, perceberam que o troféu tinha uma largura maior com relação ao atual troféu.