Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kits France 1931 through 1953

 France or Les Bleus (The Blues) has worn the new cock logo design on match shirts from 1931 season. From the early introduced, France shirt compliment with the baggy design shorts till the end of the 1930s. France colour on kits utilizes a three colour system, composed of colors blue, white and red. The team's three colors originate from the national flag of France, known as the drapeau tricoleur. France have brandished the colors since their first official international match against Belgium in 1904.
Les Blues team still wearing the baggy style shorts till the end of the 1930s period. Jersey without players number on the back of the shirts. Numbers was introduced on 1948.

14/10/1951 - Switzerland-France 1-2. For the first time, there was a label under the crest with the detail of the match. It was written Suisse C/ France 1951 "C/" is the abbreviation  of "contre" that means versus in French.

04/04/1948 - France Italie 1-3, France was playing with red shirt, white short and socks stripped red and white. But the most important thing is that for
the first time there were some numbers in the back of the shirts.

The 3rd colors were used only one time (white shirt/ blue short / red socks) 23/05/1948 France-Scotland 3-0

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