Monday, October 28, 2013

Updated East Germany 1974 kits

East Germany or well known as DDR never qualified for the finals of the European Championship and only qualified for one World Cup, in 1974. However, they were always serious contenders in qualifying throughout their history.

I've spent much of time to sources the closest colour and logo references for these East Germany World cup 74 team. Anyway for all my friends, you can comment if any error on these kits and I'm still looked for these DDR team photo to sharing and updated.

Match against Argentina July 3, 1974 East Germany with all white kits, but they use different design number on the back.

World Cup tournament was staged in West Germany, and both German teams were drawn in the same group in the first round. East Germany under coach Georg Buschner gain the top of group A table.With successful games against Chile and Australia, both German teams had qualified early for the second round, with the inter-German game determining first and second in group. East Germany beat West Germany 1-0. Second round, Group A.


joaquim said...

Hi Azmie, I think this logo is the one used in the 80s because it is simplified, the 1974 logo was to have state coat of arms more detailed. but this is my opinion.

joaquim said...
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