Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Poland EURO 2012 team kits

Poland Home Kits
Poland have been drawn in Group A together with Russia, Czech Republic and Greece. Together with Ukraine, Poland will be hosting the European tournament and have thus automatically qualified for the competition.

The new Poland kit was first reveled in December 2011.The shirt represents the most iconic symbol of Poland depicted by the national flag in white and red.  It will carry a nation in the most important year in Polish football history, so the jersey will be remembered for many years to come. The shirt is manufactured by Nike and is mainly white with a red band at the center of the shirt. It has a white round collar, with the Nike ‘swoosh’ logo on the top right part of the chest and the Polish FA badge on the opposite side. Initially the shirt just had the "polska" badge but the polish supporters were upset that the shirt didnt have the white eagle on it so they decided to include both badges. Additional inside the neck, message "Razem po zwyciestwo"  which translates as "Together for victory".

During the EURO 2012 tournament, Bialo-czerwoni (white and reds) worn with the change white shorts against Russia and Czech Republic

Poland Away Kits
Poland away shirt is mainly red with a white horizontal band running across the center part of the shirt, with the Nike logo in red on the top right part of the chest and the Polish FA badge on the opposite side (included Polish White Eagle on center).

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