Wednesday, May 23, 2012

France 1982 World Cup qualifying kits

Previously I'm posted France kits was worn at the 1982 World Cup tournament, today I'm adding these France retro collection with the 1981/82 kits been used during the 1982 World Cup qualification. Coach under Michael Hidalgo, these successful 1982 World Cup qualifying campaign kits was worn by player such Michel Platini, Dominique Rocheteau and Jean-Francois Larios.

It was a classic Adidas trefoil ventex in style, a simple wing-collar and a white/red/blue three-stripe design both featured on this France strip. As usual the stripes color follow the national insignia. The home shirt was worn with the white shorts and red socks.

White remained for France away kit, The design basically followed that of the home shirt.
This French kit had so many really nice features; the non-contrasting collar (adorned with
pinstripes), the plunging 70s white inset neck, the dainty adidas logo (minus text) and the
low-slung FFF badge. Add to that the standard French tricolore three-stripe trim and you’ve
got a real gem of a shirt. The design was worn up until the 1982 World Cup finals when the
inset neck was then removed.

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