Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Malaysia 1995-96 3rd kits

Malaysia national third kits during the years 1995-97, Adidas equipment branding went one step further with the new design, three large white symmetrical pattern on either side. Unfamiliar red color was added as the shirt detailed and shadow stripes. The new 'adidas equipment' logo in the top center of the chest and national insignia on the left.

Illustrated below as seen during the awful defeat 2-1 to Japan Olympic team in the friendly match at the Stadium Merdeka on April 1995 under Claude Le Roy, coach from French. Maizal Hairi Marzuki, Ching Hong Aik, Shahdan Zahari and Faizal Zainal among the list on Malaysia Olympic team. Other match with these rare kits are against Kedah (friendly)and Malaysia national vs Fenencvaros.

Credit to all my FB friends and noor Azmi mahmood for his sources.

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