Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweden World Cup 74 kits

On these tournaments for the first round, Sweden drew into group 3 included Uruguay, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria. The first game against Bulgaria ended in a draw. In the second game against the Netherlands. The last game of the round was played against Uruguay. That game was the first victory Sweden had in the tournament, when they beat Uruguay 3–0 to make Sweden finished 2nd in the group and advanced to the second group stage.

In the second group stage included team as Poland, West Germany and Yugoslavia. Sweden was defeated in the first game against Poland 0–1. The situation after the defeat against Poland was that if Sweden lost against West Germany with a single goal difference and Yugoslavia defeated Poland, Sweden would be second in the group and play for the bronze medal. But since Poland beat Yugoslavia 2–1, Sweden had to win the game against the host nation, West Germany, in order to finish second in the group.
West Germany won 4–2. After the tournament, the German players commented that the game against Sweden was their best game in that tournament. The last game for Sweden was played in Düsseldorf against Yugoslavia. Sweden won that game 2–1. They finished the tournament as the 5th place team.
Sweden kits made by Adidas, with the classic v-neck style like most other team who strip manufacture by the popular three stripe label on theses tournament.

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