Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girondins de Bordeaux 2008-09 away and third kits

Puma third Bordeaux kits also dark blue. Only a vertical pink stripe on the centre of the Bordeaux shirt, with a pink V across the chest. Where the V touches the central stripe, its colour turns dark blue. The shirt has a long collar and sleeves with a pink trim. The Bordeaux badge appears in the centre of the shirt on the pink stripe. Keep noticed the different Bordeaux football font between the Champions League and domestic kits.

Puma new FC Girondin de Bordeaux away kit is all white, with a long collar. Bordeaux shirt has a dark brown V on the chest, with the Bordeaux crest appearing on the left side of the V, while dark brown Puma logo on the right. The Bordeaux maillot has a dark brown trim on the sleeves.
Bordeaux football font for the domestic league looks like a modified version of frutiger font. The LFP logo were worn at the base of the numbers on the back shirt only. Standard generic Puma football font used by the national teams used for UEFA champions league.

Check out the Bordeaux away football font colour, dark brown, while the Bordeaux home and third kits football font in white.

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Caio said...

Hey, please, make the kits of the Brazilian Série B champions, Corinthians. Unfortunatelly the team was first time relegated last year, but it has back with a really good champaign (as good as the Juventus one).

Thanks for the attention and sorry about the worst english ever hahaha.