Friday, May 9, 2008

Barcelona F.C. 1984 shirt and kits

Formed with top players from the World Cups tournament such as the Argentina maestro Diego Maradona, Gary lineker, Steve Archibal and a few names, Barcelona F.C.'s blue and red kit is top club in 1984. Barcelona F.C. also took the field in a yellow away outfit-commpleted with two vertical red and blue lines. Slightly retro in field, the kit featured the same collar design of the home strip. To completed fine array of oufits, Barcelona F.C. also launched this classy third shirt. Worn with the blue shorts and socks of the home/away strip, the shirt followed the simple design of the away.
The kits design-MEYBA, not sure?. Anyone has the source comment here.


alex said...

MEYBA was a catalan designer, like Barça. It was famous for the swimming shorts but they made some team-kits. Including the Barça one. I think it now doesn't exist.

The Barça away kit for the next year is like this one, yellow with the two stripes.

Sorry for my english ;)

Azmie aka switch image said...

Thanx for the source Alex

Anonymous said...

I still have all these shirts,but have misplaced the 3rd somewhere?

pol said...

for anonymus
if you want to sell the yellow or blue tell me something

for switch image:
can i download this kit?

pol said...

meyba also made a red shirt like the blue and the yellow with the stripes in the place of the meyba logo
and a blue shorts
it would be fine if you do this kit ;)