Friday, February 8, 2008

My friends football kits blog

Now I'm on the progress to redoit all my kits work and upcoming new season Brazilian league clubs and setup my forum site, hope you all still keep waiting.
Here are few of my friends football kits blog good for reference.
1. from Spain by Elete
2. my choice to share with a good detail photo from Antonio Bordallo
3. good ilustrator by Manuel Alejandro from Mexico

And lastly to all my friends who their site or blogs not on the list please patient, your turn on the way.


Eleté said...

Hi, Im actually from Uruguay, not Spain! :D
Thanks for the reference in the blog, it helps a lot to start out. As soon as you release a new collection Ill make sure to post it on my blog and return the favour ;)

Antonio Bordallo said...

Thank you a LOT for the comment about my blog!!

and sorry for commenting here so late, but I've been very busy these weeks...


Antonio Bordallo said...

ah, if you got any specific kinda kit that you would like to draw,but have no photo of it so far, ask me,cos a got a very big picture database here,right?