Saturday, October 13, 2007

Portugal World Cup 1986 shirt/kits

Portugal played in Group F with Poland, England & Morocco. The team exited early in the group stages after a win and two losses. They started with a 1-0 win to England. Later they were beaten by Poland with a score of 1-0 and Morocco with a score of 3-1.
Portugal FIFA World Cup 1986 squads :
1 GK Manuel BENTO, 2 DF Joao Domingos PINTO, 3 MD Antonio de SOUSA, 4 DF Jose RIBEIRO, 5 DF ALVARO de Magalhaes, 6 MD CARLOS MANUEL, 7 MD JAIME PACHECO, 8 DF FREDERICO Nobre Rosa, 9 FW Fernando GOMES, 10 FW Paulo FUTRE, 11 MD Oscar BANDEIRINHA, 12 GK JORGE SILVA, 13 DF MORATO Henriques, 14 MD JAIME Magalhaes, 15 FW Antonio OLIVEIRA, 16 DF JOSE ANTONIO, 17 FW DIAMANTINO Fernandes, 18 MD SOBRINHO Goncalves, 19 FW Jose Lopes AGUAS, 20 DF Augusto INACIO, 21 MD Anton Ferreira ANDRE, 22 GK Alfonso DAMAS, Coach: Jose Torres

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